The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson

Historical fiction is a time machine, transporting us to another period and place, bringing history to life through storytelling. The best historical fiction novels are well researched and imaginative, with characters who beckon to us, drawing us into their experiences and circumstances. They open our eyes, challenge our minds and offer us new perspective. In The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, we travel deep into the Appalachian Mountains. It’s 1936. The Great Depression is ravaging the count

Mission Taco Joint: It’s Definitely Not Your Everyday Taco! – Kansas City Magazine for Women

In my house, taco night never fails to create a happy little buzz in the air. It’s a family favorite and a meal that I know everyone will eat without complaint. I am not allowed to mess with the family tacos; it’s ground beef, flour tortillas, shredded lettuce and shredded cheddar, with other toppings on the side for me and the more food-adventurous children. My children do not appreciate creativity in the kitchen, which is why it’s so fun for me to hit up places that turn the humble taco into a

Red Door Woodfired Grill: Sizzling Specials and Neighborhood Ambiance

Red Door Woodfired Grill is my kind of place. It’s locally owned, stylish, fun, with a unique spin on contemporary American cuisine. Each of the three locations–Overland Park, Leawood, and Brookside–caters to their neighborhood, so they all have a unique vibe designed to make guests feel at home. It’s upscale enough to make you feel cool, but not so much that you can’t come as you are.

The Westside Local: Creative Casual Dining That Lives Up to Its Name

The Westside Local opened in 2009, one of the first restaurants to bring the farm-to-table concept to Kansas City. Since then, they’ve been serving the eclectic Westside neighborhood and beyond, gaining an equally eclectic and loyal following. Owner Brandon Strick turned an unassuming storefront in a humble neighborhood into a charming destination eatery. Exposed brick, wood floors and local art create an intimate and authentic KC vibe, where somehow suits and ties sit comfortably next to eyebr

Grand Street: Exceptional American Cuisine Creates a Memorable Dining Experience

One remembers a really beautiful meal. The occasion, the company, the wine. Perhaps even the music and the clinking sound of the fork on the porcelain plate. But especially the food. One remembers the flavors and textures and feelings of such a meal. Grand Street owners Kristi and Rick Ghilardi believe that; they want their restaurant to be remembered, and thus the details are important to them. Corporate Chef Aaron Wells-Morgan and Executive Chef Mitchell Allen create menus as if they want eac

A Song of Ascents

I can still feel the deep ache in my body after so many hours of high altitude climbing. I also remember being able to see the Keyhole (a rock formation you must pass through before pushing for the summit) in the distance. I kept my eyes on it as adrenaline and willpower propelled me upward. I remember the exhilaration I felt when I finally climbed through it. On the other side, the view was like nothing I could have imagined. It felt like the entire world was at my feet, and that now I could do anything. I remember being overwhelmed by emotion as I stood looking out at the most incredible panorama I had ever seen.

Cravings: Relish Catering and Merriment

For much of last year, I was preparing for my destination wedding. Even though it was small, the planning process was rather overwhelming. There were so many decisions to make, and, like most brides, I wanted them all to be perfect. Perfection. It’s an ideal that Relish Catering & Merriment, a division of the KC Hopps company, strives for whether they’re catering a wedding, a corporate event or a private home party. They understand the importance of executing seamless, memorable events so that

News You Can Use - February

What does the latest research say about listening, placenta capsules and the benefits of holding your babies? Take a look: If your children aren’t listening to you, try speaking into their right ear. New findings suggest that children both process and retain information better, especially when there is a lot of background noise and interruptions, from their right side. "The more we know about listening in demanding environments, and listening effort in general, the better diagnostic tools, aud
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